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About Me

Abbe spent 18 years helping to start, build and grow a successful title company. And then, one day, she walked away from it. She left her career, community, and everything that once defined her to become a Life Coach.  Abbe is now profoundly happy, doing what she loves.

She tolerated a 15-year marriage before her husband walked out, leaving her and her three boys, ages one, seven, and nine, on their own. She met and remarried the man of her dreams, her best friend, and is now blissfully happy. She catapulted him into starting and running a multi-million-dollar mortgage company with offices in over five states. She is now passionate about living life deliberately. She has become an expert at helping women and men make excellent relationship decisions to move from fear and self-doubt to courage and clarity.

She has seen one success story after another as she gives her clients the confidence and the courage to lead their best lives.

She’s not afraid to challenge or provoke-and that’s why her clients love her.

She is extremely caring but also firm enough to hold her clients accountable for miraculous changes in their lives!

Abbe can quickly, effectively, and intuitively get to the core challenges that hold people back from achieving the success they desire.

She is a coach, a leader, and a guide to others who want a career and a life where their soul can finally feel free.